3D Ivy Generator 2012

Hello folks,

I’ve been wanting to do something for the 3d community for a long time now. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough free time to create anything useful from scratch. I was working with Thomas Luft’s Ivy Generator for some scenes and even though it’s awesome, it was pretty slow to create ivies (it was using a single core). He was kind enough to provide the source of the program so I decided to take a shot at accelerating it.

Ivy generator is now fully multi-core optimized. It is 2.5X faster on a single core and an order of magnitude faster on 4 cores. As far as I can tell it is very stable. I’ve also updated the Qt and OpenGL libraries.

I want to thank Thomas Luft for creating this very useful tool, all the credit belongs to him. He has a donation page here. If you find the program useful, please consider donating.

Win32 Download

There won’t be a Mac or Linux release
Triangulate meshes before importing them into the app

Image Copyright Grunio

11 Responses to 3D Ivy Generator 2012

  1. ReplyTim says:

    I’m not sure how it works, but looking at the picture I’m fairly certain it’s a good utility. Even though that is a generated, still image, I want to see how you implemented it into your game.

    Also. Well done for giving to the community.

  2. ReplyRampally says:

    leaves are too flat .can we make leaves more realistic
    for example some bend or curvature……………….

  3. Reply3DCGMODELER says:

    This is awesome, I use it all the time, and I will be back to say wow, after I tinker with the new.
    Will there be a 64 bit version possable???

    Thank You

  4. Replyromanimation says:

    great tool! loving it!

  5. Replyplechuga says:

    To cry or not to cry, this is awesome, to hear some news from this awesome app, is just great!

  6. ReplyJamie says:

    Thanks for doing this mate, but I have to be honest, really not noticing the difference. There’s a very minor speed increase when generating the curves, but generating the leaves and branches takes about twice as long.

  7. ReplyVigan Malazogu says:


    Is there an Win64 download??

  8. ReplyCGP says:

    One word, awesome. You did a fantastic job. I was just assigned 3 shots with ivies in it and this has already made my job a lot easier.

    @Jamie: I’ve no idea what scene you are working on but IG2012 is using all of my 16 cores on all of my scenes. Maybe you need to test it on a real production setting with a little high poly mesh. It’s taking me 10 seconds to get 1000 branches compared to 2-3 mins previously.

  9. Replydaniel najera says:

    love the new generator did a test image, worked really fast


    thank you
    Daniel Najera

  10. ReplyDean says:

    What would it take to get this ported to the Mac platform?
    I have an 8 core Mac Pro just itching to run it.

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