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Continuing where I left off, I’m signing up to forums where I’ll post in the future. I’m also revising the final draft of the press release. For the press release to be effective, I’ll need to work on the press section of the website because that’s where the editor’s going to look after reading the press release. At the moment, however, there’s nothing there at all. I reckon I’ll have to make it dead easy for journalists and editors to get hold of information/screenshots about the game. I doubt they’ll spend that much time looking for information on an indie game website, so everything should be as clear and accessible as possible. I’ll be adding video embedding information, some presets for video sizes (Youtube resolutions mostly), and I should really add a custom resolution script to make it easy to create embedding information for custom resolutions. I’ll also be adding screenshots with multiple resolutions. Having looked at the Xbox website, where they have a lot of press related material, I kind of know what needs to be done.

BTW, here are some funny anti-spammer questions I came across while I was registering for forums:
Are you a human?
Are you a robot?
What planet do we live on?
Did you know that TYPEWRITER is the longest word that can be made using the letters from only one row of the keyboard? Now please type “typewriter” below so we can verify you are not a bot.
What is the final evolution of the starter Pokémon Tepig?
Which legendary Pokémon appears on the cover of Pearl version?

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