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Today was a productive day. I finished the Chapter I logo sections of the trailer for both Vivec Entertainment and Shadow of a Soul. I like both of them but I’ll probably modify the Vivec Entertainment logo a little bit more when I have the time. I’m very pleased with the Chapter I logo.

I’ve also finished editing the trailer, but it wasn’t that easy. Everything was going great; I tweaked the sounds and added the new stuff, but when I previewed the trailer in Premiere Pro CS5 some of the sounds had changed slightly. For example, a 10 second electricity sound that should have played at the start came in 4 seconds late. It took me nearly an hour to finally figure out that there was nothing wrong with me or the files; it was Premiere that was going insane. On the Adobe website I saw that they had updates for Premiere. I started to search for the keyword “sound”. Nothing came up in the bug fixes list. Then I searched for “audio” and, bam!

When using AIFF source audio, RAM previews as well as rendered and exported audio either get scrambled or jump around.


I updated Premiere and was finally able to finish the trailer.

I’m happy as can be with the trailer. Hopefully you guys will see it next week. There’s still a lot of stuff I’d like to change, but so far I think it’s ok for a $19.99 game.

I also worked a great deal on music tracks. They’re not really songs as such, more like dark ambient music. Really creepy, scary stuff. They’re turning out great; I even started naming some of the tracks. Hope they make it in time for the press release ‘cause I want to add as much stuff as I can to the Pre-Order offer. I also want people to preview some of the tracks, so I should probably look into streaming music from flash player. Won’t take too much time, I’m told, but you never know.

I’ve also decided which content delivery network to host the site on. I was seriously torn between MaxCDN and Cachefly. The Cachefly site loads crazy fast, even from here (top of a mountain), MaxCDN, however, doesn’t. Cachefly also has more servers in Europe than MaxCDN, which seems to be more focused on the USA. I came to the conclusion that Cachefly was the better CDN. That’s why I chose MaxCDN :). Cachefly is about 4 times more expensive than MaxCDN. You can buy 1TB bandwidth from MaxCDN for $40 and you can use it for a year. Cachefly is $100 for 250GB and it’s available for a month (maybe they pass the leftover BW on to the next month, but I doubt it somehow). I’ll only be hosting www.vivec3d.com material on CDN. All static content, like video streaming, wallpapers, music previews, etc. will come from my own server.

That’s about it for today folks, I’m really tired and I think I might have forgotten to write down some of the stuff I did today. If I did, I’ll let you guys know tomorrow.

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