317 Days to go

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Today was another exhausting day. The SSL setup is done, so is the store. Most of the day was spent on two things. The first was software research. I’m looking at some middleware solutions for games. Most software and gaming companies use middleware solutions rather than reinventing the wheel. There‘s quite a lot of middleware for gaming companies. You can find out about everything from audio processing, to physics, to A.I. So I did a little research. I’m looking for solutions that may help with cross-platform compatibility. The engine currently supports Windows, Mac and PS3. I’m looking for ways to implement Linux and XBOX 360 support for the engine. Looks unlikely that they’ll make it for the release. But you never know :)

Apart from research, most of the day, cooking and errands were sucked by shopping cart software. Here’s the list of software I installed, configured, then deleted. PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento, OSCommerce. Each and every one of these bits of software has a massive codebase. However, try as I might, I couldn’t manage to create a single page shopping cart that doesn’t require you to enter your address, phone number, fax number, birthday and blood type. After dabbling with databases, CSS, and authentication forms, I finally said screw it. I have decided to put a single “add to cart” Paypal icon on the store and collect the user data afterwards. That decision came a bit late though; about 7 in the morning. It’s 07.30 now and I’m going back to bed. Ferzan over and out.

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