316 Days to go

Categories:Shadow of a Soul:Chapter I

I woke up at 4pm :) Pretty early to start the day. I was out of food so I started cooking. Ate. Played some Starcraft 2, which I suck at BTW. Then started working.

I have finished modifying the online store (Http://store.vivec3d.com). It looks ok. Not great, but not so lousy that people will get scared away. I wish I had more time to do a decent one but having no budget and only one product to sell makes it a pretty pointless. I have my eye on a $350 one. If I start saving now, I’ll probably be able to buy it in five years.

On another note, the guys I ordered my fax number from cannot be reached. They sent me my order confirmation 4 days ago. I have sent 3 emails asking for my password and never heard back. In the last email I sent today I said I wanted a refund. I believe the guys at Metrofax are either scammers, liars or a totally incompetent bunch of people. They say you can get your fax number within minutes, then you don’t hear from them for 4 days. BTW I don’t use a spam filter so I know they didn’t send any emails. It’s not that I care about $8, but getting conned or getting ignored like that pisses me off. Without my fax number I’m nothing. But at least I have my pager to keep me warm at night.

I’ve also finalized the audio tracks that I’ll be sending to people who preorder. It’s good to cross stuff off the to-do list. One less thing to worry about.

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