315 Days to go

Categories:Shadow of a Soul:Chapter I

Still no word from the fax guys. Today I looked at my credit card statements and saw that there have been no withdrawals. So that’s maybe why they don’t answer my emails. I have no idea actually. When stuff like this happens I really wish that every company used Paypal as a payment processor. I have peace of mind when I’m ordering with Paypal since nobody has access to my card number. Anyways, having no fax number has made me uncool, I know:(

Today I’ve been doing a lot of typing. I have completed the About me page. I’m not sure if that’ll be the final name of that section but it gives you a pretty good idea about the content. I was going to keep it very short since I didn’t want to write it in the first place but after starting I kept going and re-lived many of the memories I mention there.

I’m also on the verge of finalizing the press release. After tomorrow, I think I’m going to get it edited and send it out when the website and trailer are complete. I kept it below 500 words since they want an additional $100 for another 100 words.

I also wrote a Company page. I kept it brief ‘cause there‘s actually not that much to write.

One thing that annoyed the hell out me was a lamp in the trailer. That lamp in the library. I just hated it. But didn’t have the time to change it. Today I’m happy to say I have changed the damn lamp. Now it’s looking good.
I’ve also been looking at options for skinning flowplayer. Actually all of them suck in my opinion. I’ll either create a new one or use one of those that suck. I’ll probably decide tomorrow.

Everything is coming together one way or another. The world will soon know about this game, hopefully. Actually I’m really nervous because the world hasn’t given much of a shit about my stuff before; if you read my bio you’ll see that. For all I know I’ll be making this game without a single person visiting this site, much less pre-ordering the game.

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