314 Days to go

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Latest WordPress update broke my theme. Just my luck. I was trying to modify this page when all of a sudden all my posts disappeared. Took me two hours to fix it all.

I have integrated the new better lamp into the animation. Below is a before and after image.

I’ve also spent some time improving the quality of the couch in the library scene. It turned out great, but due to some renderer errors it wasn’t a completely painless exercise. I’ll probably replace that scene with this one, in two or three weeks’ time. There is so much stuff I want to do with that trailer but, as I said in earlier posts, I just don’t have enough time. Also I shouldn’t be working on, or talking about, the trailer anymore:)

I’ve also added feature images to the press and contact pages. They turned out to be great. Really love the look of those pages now. I tried to create a 3d Vivec logo to place as a feature image on the Company page but nothing good came out of that session. I want to put a nice 3d animation there some time after the press release is sent out. Right now I have other stuff to finish.

I decided to send the press release next Monday or Tuesday at the latest. There is not much time left before Christmas. I want the word to be out before everybody leaves the virtual world.

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