313 Days to go

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Today I woke up to the sound of thunder and rain and instantly knew that water was probably leaking in somewhere around the house. Came downstairs and saw that I was right :) What a nice way to start the day.
Electricity kept cutting out and coming back on at 5 second intervals, so I decided that rather than risking blowing up the power supply (again) I’d turn off the computers and go back to bed. Woke up at 7pm :) and started working on the Shadow of a Soul page. There were going to be 4 different links on that page, news, trailer, screenshots and story. I decided it should all be on the one page so that people could look at all the stuff at once. The new design also looks nicer.

Coming close to announcing the game, I decided I should do some research into some business issues that will have to be addressed sooner than later. I’ll talk about them in the future to help other indie developers. But I’d rather keep quiet about them for now.

Another time waster was testing cross-browser compatibility. Thank god that nightmare is over. It’s annoying enough for me as it is to put a site together; but then finding out that what I’ve just designed doesn’t work on another browser really drives me insane. This time the problem was with Chrome and IE. Firefox displayed the correct design. I’ve never heard of Firefox displaying a page wrong. That’s usually the business of IE, because of its inability to follow the CSS or HTML rules, but this time Chrome was displaying the page wrong too. Anyway, fixed the issue.

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