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Today I’m like a zombie, and not in a brain eating yummy way. I just cannot focus on anything. Most of the stuff has already been finished. I just need to add a few finishing touches here and there, like: What should be on the main page? kind of stuff. Answer: no idea.

I don’t want the whole site to turn into a “recent posts” page but frankly there’s not much content to put up just now. I also thought about adding a twitter feed there, but that is also for news. As I said in a previous post, I don’t really want to tweet about the current status of my bowel movements. Maybe I should just put a Latest News section and be done with it for now. Maybe I can also add a pre-order reminder in case somebody misses the giant pre-order image at the top of the page.

I wrote the Company page today. Took me close on an hour to finish, and I hated every minute of it. For some reason I felt like I should be more formal even though I’m basically one person. On the other hand, I’ve tried to give that impression with my other endeavors (check about me page for details), and it didn’t turn out too well.

In the end I didn’t want to write about myself in the third person, even though I have done that in the press release. Frankly, I hated doing that as well. But reading about how to write press releases, I learned that everyone goes for with the third person view. In fact most of them cover the “what if I’m a single person” issue.

Anyway, I still felt like a liar or an imposter or something writing that. It’s very weird talking about this grand one man company while you’re sitting there in front of the computer in just your underwear. Anyways that’s done. At least for now.

Tomorrow I’m going to finish the final encoding of the trailer, submit the press release to the newswire, work on the skinning and embedding of the flowplayer and finalize the press section of the website; and probably scream like a little girl over some important thing that I’ve forgotten to do.

Other than that, a pretty uneventful day. Except for stress-eating two whole cakes, about 1000 calories each.

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