308 Days to go

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Well, the word hasn’t really got out yet. I’m starting to wonder if it ever will (yeah, I’m a drama queen). None of the gaming sites picked up the news yet; except a select few. However, I did get some nice emails from several folks.

I’ll soon be starting to create topics in forums in an effort to promote the game. God knows what the response will be. But, expected nasty responses to my forum topics will no doubt include things like:

Get the fuck out
This is a POKEMON FORUM!!! Fuck off!
You cannot post links, get the fuck out
Your game looks like shit
Duudee u fail soo hard
Shut the fuck up
Your game has nothing to do with our forum so get the fuck out
Are you gonna release the game for XBOX360? NO? Then get the fuck out

This, unfortunately, is the life of the independent game developer. With each rejection, with every negative response, a part of me will die. I’ll probably crawl under the covers and cry myself to sleep.

Other than having these horrifying fantasies, I’ve been doing a little more work on the site. It still has a few rough edges. I’ve just noticed that there’s no pre-order link on the Shadow of a Soul page. I should probably work on that.

I’ve signed up for Akismet. It’s a WordPress plug-in that protects the comment sections of blogs from spammers. I don’t know what I was thinking actually. To be honest, I’ll be over the moon when I get my first comment, even if it does turn out to be spam. So I’m going to turn the goddamned thing off for right now. Maybe I need those viagra or penis enlargement pills!
Also I need a new blog theme. This looks terrible. I need to search for that.

I’ll probably write a post about why I offer 100% money back guarantee. So if you are one of the 20 people who are reading this, check it out tomorrow.

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