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Pretty interesting developments today. First of all, absolutely no media coverage. Current total unique visitor number is still less than 1000. Pretty terrible number for an opening. However, on a slightly more encouraging note, I’m getting some interest from publishers, which is something I’d never really thought about; I just thought I’d be selling my game through Steam and the store on this site.

A publisher is basically a company that finances your project and distributes it around the world. They also handle PR, advertising and marketing. In turn they get a rather large percentage of the revenue, which is totally OK by me given the risks they’re taking.

This publisher interest made me question my 100% money back guarantee. I can pretty much take the financial burden of giving money back to the people who purchase the game from here or from Steam. The card processing rates would most definitely hurt since they would be coming out of my pocket, but in my view it would have been ok, and well worth the cost if you ask me. There‘s nothing better than peace of mind in this world.

On the other hand, if I offered that guarantee for games distributed by the publisher then I would be pretty much fucked since the financial burden might well be 5 times more than digital distribution. I could pretty much close the shop if I do that.

So I decided I’d rather postpone writing a why offering 100% money back guarantee is a good thing post till another time. A time when, hopefully, everything will be clearer, and I can make the right decisions.

That said, I’ll still be offering 100% money back guarantee to people who pre-order from this site.

Another highlight of the day was my email to the press release company. In short I said, “Nobody picked up my news,” in a very polite manner, and they said “Calm down, it’s still too early and Christmas is just around the corner.” in an equally polite manner. So time will tell if they were right or wrong. There’s a chance they’ll be proved right, but I think it’s highly unlikely that anything will come of it.

I’m posting on forums about the game. To my surprise responses to my posts have been very positive. There haven’t been any negative responses at all, just deleted topics. I’d say about 20% of the forums I posted deleted my topics:) But it takes a crazy long time to create a post. I don’t really know whether or not I have time to go over my whole list, which is huge.

However, one particular thing that I find very annoying is the lack of email notifications from forums. Only one forum has sent a notification. It gets hard to keep up with the topics. I’ll probably install a Firefox extension to keep track of changes on those pages.

Today I also added two subtitles to the Shadow of a Soul page. One is “Halloween 2012″ and the other is “Windows Mac PS3″. It makes more sense now I think. YAY!

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