306 Days to go

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For the last couple of days, I’ve been talking about lack of publicity. Not anymore!

After finally getting some rest I decided that this game and this site is nothing like my previous ventures (see about me page for more info).


First of all, because there are 307 days to go. All my previous ventures needed good launches to be successful. This one really doesn’t. There’ll be a lot more press releases in the future (about screenshots, game play videos, release of demo, release of the game, etc.). This stuff takes time. This is not advertising we are talking about. I should know better, I have a master’s degree on marketing :)

Secondly, whining, complaining or bitching gets old real fast. Last thing I want is to scare away the 20 people who read this blog.

On the other hand, I’ll be posting to forums for some time. By posting I mean spamming of course. I have some more time allocated to marketing and I intent to use it to spam the forums.

On related note, a wonderful guy named Rick, sent me an email and said, in a polite way, “Dude, nobody can post comments on your website, WTF are you doing?” and I said in a polite way, “Holly shit!” That’s why there are no comments on the posts, not because nobody reads them! I know that you folks are dying to post comments and I’m really sorry about that. I’ll be more careful from now on. He also told me not to disable Akismet (which is a plug-in I paid $5 for to prevent spam in comments). Apparently this spam thing is really as terrible as people say.

That’s it from me today folks, cheers.

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  1. ReplySteve says:

    On the spam note: you should look into other plugins like Fly06 for Joomla or reCaptcha (which can be annoying on a user-level, but is very effective). You might also consider "anti-spam questions," such as "what's the name of our company?" to prevent spammers.

    Fly06 is great since it's all automated. If you can find anything that uses "stopforumspam" (a large database of spam emails and the like), that'd be another great option.

    Blog's looking good. Keep up the work and best of luck.

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