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Hello folks Merry Christmas!!!

I have some good news I’ll update this post shortly.

OK here’s the update :)

Today I’m happy to say that I managed to beg my way onto the news pages of several sites. I also received my first interview request and the interview took place yesterday, so I think it should be published sometime this week. I talk a lot about my ideas about horror movies, horror games and what you can expect from Shadow of a Soul: Chapter I, and a bit about stuff from Chapter II.
Hopefully it will make a nice read. I’ll post the full link here when it’s published.

I was going to do some forum posts but unfortunately I couldn’t find the time. I’m hoping to do that tomorrow.

I had a search for some email/contact management software to manage my contacts. It took a couple of hours for me to find/read/test the solutions out there. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to find any specific one that would fulfill my specific needs. I just wanted to find a contact management system with a contact database and email history, like you find on hosting support software. I found some nice web based mailing list software that has some nice features similar to the ones I’m after, but you can’t send non-mailing list emails from them; meaning all emails must contain an unsubscribe link, and frankly I’m not remotely interested in mailing lists. I want all my contacts and communications to be in one place. I’m using Thunderbird for sending/receiving emails, and it gets unmanageable real fast.

I also searched, briefly, for a nice theme for this blog. As I’ve mentioned before, I hate this theme but, for the moment at least, I haven’t been able to find anything else I really like.

I’ve started writing a rant about horror short stories; specifically about how much they suck. With any luck, I’ll able to recommend some anthologies that are quite good. I’m hoping to finish writing it this week.

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