304 Days to go

Categories:Shadow of a Soul:Chapter I

Most of the day again spent writing emails. I re-wrote some parts of the press release. This time I’ll send it specifically to Mac folks. It will be sent out tomorrow morning.

I’m thinking about opening a forum topic on Steam forums, that’ll probably be the only forum post for me today. I’m curious about the response.

I’m pretty new to this whole writing emails thing, posting on forums and working on the game stuff. Frankly, I’ve been terrible at it so far, especially the working on the game part. And it’s crazy cold here and I’m freezing most of the time, which doesn’t make things any easier.

From what I can tell from the forums I posted, people really want to see screenshots of the game. But more than that, they want to see some game play footage. It appears that some people feel they’ve been conned by the developers’ fancy pre-rendered trailers.  Since I’ve never bought any game before reading any reviews, that’s a pretty alien concept to me.

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  1. ReplyMartin says:

    It's a bold venture and I hope you succeed. Great trailer.

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