303 Days to go

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Pretty interesting day this was :)

Well, the day started with some SEO (search engine optimization) research. I decided that it would be nice if I spent some time on SEO. I downloaded some WordPress plug-ins to make the site more search engine friendly. I also downloaded some standalone applications that analyze backlinks etc. Let me tell you, don’t ever pay for any SEO applications (I didn’t btw:)) They are worth shit. I deleted all of them in the end.

SEO is crazy important if you offer a service or sell a product that isn’t unique. That pretty much covers 99.9% of internet sites. This site, on the other hand, sells (or at least has that intention) a unique computer game. In one sense, of course, it’s not unique because there are gazillions of computer games, but in another sense it is absolutely unique because it’s the only one that’s called Shadow of a Soul. Not a generic name like web hosting or flash games or computer game. So it’s pretty pointless to work on SEO.

Now, I may decide to target keywords like “horror game”, “scary game” etc. but that’s too much work. Why? ‘Cause I need to retype everything from scratch and incorporate those keywords into the text and it’s pretty obvious to any human being what a SEO optimized text looks like.  And considering I’m the black sheep of the internet, not to mention my ill fortune when it comes to anything remotely related to publicity, I would probably be gangbanged by Google, Yahoo and MSN.

I also worked on some widgets on this site; my efforts, however, turned out to be fruitless.

There is a service called Google sitemap generator. I’ve been told that it generates a dynamic sitemap so Google can spider your site more easily. I’m frankly very afraid of Google, so I decided to add that to the site. However, I still haven’t configured it, so don’t tell Google ‘cause it will fuck me up.

I got some nice feedback from Steam forums, nobody said “SPAAAAMMMM” “FUCCK YOUU!!” or anything like that, which I’m grateful for.

On the other hand, this one forum I posted, this big forum of a humor site, made me go batshit crazy. I posted my topic, got some nice encouragement, which always makes me very happy, then all of a sudden, this *moderator* started to edit my posts, removing all of the smilies and calling me a blithering idiot for using them. Apparently this humor site’s forum has a No Smilies rule!?  That’s ok, but that guy pissed me off real bad. It was probably this guy:

Anyways, all of my anger melted away in an instant when I saw that I got my first pre-order. YAY! Apparently my evil marketing strategies and constant whining works! Now I can buy myself an island in the Bahamas! Jeremy thanks a lot mate :)

On a final note, based on forum replies I decided that this blog is funny in a morbid sort of way.  Which is way better than just plain morbid if you ask me.

I’m doing everything in my power to hold on to the 20 people who visit this site every month.

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  1. ReplySteve says:

    Keep it up! I’ve got one of my editors following your updates, I was told there was speak of smiley hating and had to check it out :)

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