302 Days to go

Categories:Shadow of a Soul:Chapter I

Did lots of research about some technical(c++) stuff. Some cool things are happening on that front. I’ll share with you folks later.

Also wrote a part of my rant about short horror stories.

I will be updating about me page with the pictures of my pets(how many? A LOT) soon :)

Edit: Fuck it. Here’s one of them. His name is Bonbon. He loves to pee(all over the place!) :)

2 Responses to 302 Days to go

  1. ReplyDave and Sasha says:

    Sounds (smells) familiar/ We recommend Mr Muscle window cleaning fluid (if you you haven't given up on it yet :) Nice lookin' fella!

  2. ReplySasha says:

    Loveyouandandyourrblogandyou. Extremelly funny person you are. Keep going:)

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