300 Days to go

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There is a lot to be done and I don’t have much time. So I’m going to keep it short.

I now have 4 pre-orders :) Which is fantastic. Bahamas here I come!

And my Twitter followers are increasing at an exponential rate. I now have 4 Twitter followers!! which is great. But I still haven’t got a clue what to write there. As I’ve said countless times, I won’t be posting about the status of my bowel movements. Actually come to think of it I don’t know shit about Twitter.

Yet more sites have featured the news about the game, even some international ones (YAY!). I’m very grateful to all the editors who have published the news about the game. I will contact more people after 3rd of January and, also next week, I’ll start bugging editors who didn’t answer my emails.

I should probably add a Facebook comment system to the site. It basically allows people to comment on blog posts from a Facebook account. However, that plugin doesn’t seem to be supported by this version of WordPress. I need to check on that.

It appears I forgot to edit the thank you page that people are redirected to after pre-ordering from Paypal. I couldn’t test that page when I was making the site because Paypal had shut down its testing system, which allows you to create dummy users and simulate orders. There was a problem with automatic test user creation and the manual one didn’t work for me, no matter what I did. I haven’t checked but it’s most probably been fixed now.

There can be few things more reassuring than pre-ordering a game you haven’t played, that you don’t know much about, from a single person company with a single, weird developer with no games under his belt AND getting directed to a page that is empty except for a thank you title.

Well, I can honestly say that this is all intentional, as my goal is to start terrifying people before they even play the game. This clearly shows my commitment to scaring you. By the way, if you hear anything about me taking all the pre-order money and going to the Bahamas, you now know what I’m trying to achieve. Just relax and keep waiting for the release date.

I’m going to try to finish the Ferzan vs. News Editors article/rant today. I will update this post if I manage to do that.

I said in a previous post that I should update the Shadow of a Soul page with pre-order information. I haven’t been able to do it because, well, I’m not particularly bright; however, my teachers always talked about how “special” I was and never asked me any questions in class.

I believe the first page a visitor visits on your site is called the landing page. In my case, 80% of the people who visit this site land on the Shadow of a Soul page first. Now, there’s a whole bunch of SEO folks who try to make the landing page as attractive as possible and, if I remember correctly, there should be a call-to-action somewhere in there which basically says: Buy me! Buy me!

Now, I haven’t done any of that stuff. Imagine how rich I’d be if I’d done that. So, to cut a long story short, I’ll be updating that page so that people can at least see that the game is on pre-order, and all the wonderful perks they’d receive IF they pre-ordered. Also, as of now, the press release contains more information about the game than the web page does, which is unacceptable, so I’ll try to fix that issue too.

The search for decent mailing list/contact management software continues. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if, in the near future, my email box becomes unmaintainable and I end up writing a fuck you email to the wrong person.

On another note, I’ll need today and tomorrow to clean up the house (yes, it’s that messy), ‘cause I’m expecting guests on New Year’s Eve. Now, there’s nothing unusual about that. It’s just that lately I’ve been hearing strange sounds coming from downstairs (the kitchen is two floors down). Some kind of scratching noises. Every time I went down there I just couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary. This has been going on for couple of days now and it’s freaking me out.

However, the answer dawned on me quite suddenly today when I opened the fridge and saw some stuff that was bought about four months ago; carrots, cheese, yogurt, fruit, tomatoes, you name it, it was stashed in there somewhere.

At that instant I was washed away with the beautiful light of understanding. I was now clearly able to see that my fridge had formed a bond with all the rotten foodstuffs, a symbiotic relationship most definitely, and a spectacular one at that, and I knew, without any shadow of a doubt – just as one knows one’s real name – that my fridge was becoming self aware! The noises were just a by-product of this evolution, nothing to get frightened about.

Is it possible that a new half machine half bionic symbiotic life form is coming into existence inside my own kitchen? Could a fridge become the next step in our evolution? What happens when a person is put inside the fridge and left to rot there? So many fascinating questions.

Meditate on this I will.

So much for keeping it short…

2 Responses to 300 Days to go

  1. Replysss says:

    Arkadaşım siteyi ve oyunu türkçe yapsan ne olacak ? eğer oyun türkçe olursa destek veririrm

  2. ReplyLarry says:

    Do you have the minimum specs posted anywhere on your website? I am curious about pre-ordering, but I worry my ancient machine will not be able to run it. Let me know if I am just blind and I missed it!

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