284 Days to go

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I’ve written a very long post about short stories, horror stories in particular, but I don’t have the energy left to complete and post it today. I’ll probably post that within a couple of days, so that’s why this is going to be a tiny post.

I did a little bit of work on the site today. I added some other social links. I also added a section called Social Stuff to the side menu. Pretty cool stuff. Now, why anybody would Tweet, Facebook, Digg or Reddit my posts is beyond my comprehension but they are there in case anyone is crazy enough to do it.

An Independent Game Developer’s Descent Into Madness

How does it sound? I sometimes think about adding a subtitle to this blog. I had some better ones but I’m too tired and my mind is not working really well now.

I sent another email to rockpapershotgun.com . It would be perfect if they just posted a news item about the game. Most other sites follow their news section, so I think it would be great for getting the word out. About 30 seconds after sending the email, I received a delivery error. It seemed their email had reached its quota. Just my luck. I’ll probably send it again sometime tomorrow.

If it bounces again, then I’m going to stalk the editors.

Other than that, I did some coding today. Nothing major. Just prototyping some stuff.

I think very soon I’ll start posting more images from the game. Maybe not screenshots per se but more like Making of stuff.

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  1. Reply khyrpa says:

    Somehow this feels funny because Frictional Games has a blog called In The Games of Madness.

    And btw if you for some reason haven’t read the stuff on that blog, I recommend going through the interesting posts. There’s lots of analysis about scary things and player behaviour.

    Came here from fricionals forum, someone seemed to have promoted you at the right place.

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