283 Days to go

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I want to kill myself! The image below was one of the files in a zip file that contained logos of the game on the press page for editors to download. WTF is that PAUSE doing there!? I want to kill myself. ARRGH!!!

I mean, how did I miss that? I saved that image from a 2k video file. God, I should be awarded The Most Professional Indie Game Developer of the CENTURY Award. And I only spotted this error by chance! I was looking at batch converting textures into .tex files and I decided to use that image as a test. It’s been there for like a month! Fuck me.

Anyway I’m going to work on that damned Thank You page (the one you’re redirected to after you preorder) again because, rightfully so, people are freaking out when they don’t receive any emails confirming their orders. I might even throw a fancy confirmation number in there like,


I’ll fix that today or tomorrow.

I’ve tested the effect of texture sizes on the performance. Specifically 8K (8192×8192) textures which are usually about 300MB. Nothing concrete yet, I need to test more. But I must say that I just love how clean they look. If I go down that road, I’ll probably have to buy more render machines (my tiny render farm is about 100GHZ total) because they take 4 times longer than 4k textures to render, which means a LOT of time. Gfx cards are getting faster and faster with more memory each year, so I think it’s a good way to future proof the game. We’ll see about that.

Also wrote About Preorders page. It basically explains the *why* of my money back guarantee. Check it out.

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  1. Reply Martin says:

    Don’t kill yourself til your game has shipped……. Also I’m quite enjoying your blog.

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