282 Days to go

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Not a very productive day. I took care of some errands, bought some food (cakes! yummy). Since I’m training for the World Stress Eating Competition I need to keep my tummy full all the time.

I talked about my habit of fixating on things here. Today I fixated on goddamned Playbook. It’s a device by Blackberry. I just use it to read pdf files, nothing more. Since the frequency of power cuts has increased over the past few days, I decided I could read some stuff during that down time. However, there’s a problem with the Acrobat Reader that’s installed on the device and because of that you cannot read some pdf files. After a couple of normal pages it just shows a blank white screen till the end. I figured the guys at Blackberry – the guys who make stuff for business guys – must have solved this thing by now ‘cause it’s been out there for like 5 or 6 months. News flash! They haven’t. A big fuck you goes to Blackberry.

After 30 minutes of struggling I found a way to circumvent the problem. The solution is simple; just export the whole pdf as image files. Then re-import them and create a single pdf. It works, it’s not pretty but it works. Thank god I didn’t pay for it, I snatched it from my father (and he got it from the Blackberry guys for free).

I plan to post this to BB forums so at least someone can benefit from my amazing discovery.

On another note, I did some SEO work. I got real excited to see that this site got a Google pagerank of 5 which is great. Pagerank is important because basically if two sites are competing for the same keyword like “Ferzan the Cursed”, the one with the higher pagerank appears on top. And since most of the traffic goes to first three or four search results it’s important. It also has the side benefit of increasing the size of your epenis.

Anyways, I couldn’t figure out how I got from a pagerank 0 to 5 but it felt really great. I felt like I was reborn until I decided to double check it with other sites… News flash! Pagerank is still 0 after all. A big fuck you goes to iwebtools for getting my hopes up then crushing my dreams. They still say that this site has a pagerank of 5. Check it out for yourselves here.

Tomorrow, I’m really going to work hard to make up for today. So in tomorrow’s post you’re probably going to meet with another one of my pets.

2 Responses to 282 Days to go

  1. Reply Tim says:

    I think you should give some credibility to the places showing some page rank up. You have your regulars bringing in views so your site it becoming a little more noticed. One difference I see is in a google search your site appears on the first result page when searching “shadow of a soul”. Before it was a bunch of references to the Godsmack song or other media sites that mention your game.

    Give it time, once you have some more screenshots/video content out from the game the amount of people taking notice will increase. Note too that the releasr date is still a long ways away. Most people will put it aside until it gets closer regardless since there’s other things coming out sooner.

  2. Reply QP says:

    Regulars bringin’ up the pagerank.

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