281 Days to go

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Overall this was a productive day. I got lots of stuff done. I can concentrate better if I’m not constantly checking emails or checking website statistics or comments etc. Not that I have a lot of them, it’s because I have too few of them that I’m checking constantly. I want to be like the folks who say, “I read all your emails but I cannot answer them all.” That’s a gigantic epenis (envy?) right there.

Please read this post here, if you haven’t already, because you’ll not understand the following paragraph and it’s very very important that you do. Trust me.

I got an email from the Scaleform folks. Basically I told them about this game, my budget and release date. They returned with a figure. Now that figure is about 3-4 times more than my whole budget for the game. Too bad they don’t have indie pricing. Rad Game Tools have great indie pricing and payment terms. Their Flash product, Iggy, doesn’t have Mac support though, which is a bummer. It seems I won’t be licensing any middleware solutions anytime soon.

Model and environment tests are going great. I’m going to work a little bit with material reflections then it’ll be done. I’ll probably do some profiling after that and optimize stuff a bit more.

I signed up to a Blackberry forum and posted a link to my incredible solution to the pdf problem I mentioned in yesterday’s post. After re-reading that post, I noticed that it may contain some offensive material for the Blackberry folks. So I decided not to go to that forum again. They are probably saying mean things about me.

It’s too damn cold in here. The house is at the top a little mountain but this place is supposed to be like a warm coastal town. And now there is snow outside! I’m moving around the house with my 3000W infrared heater, I’m not kidding. The shittiest part about infrared heaters is that they only heat the places that they face. Now it’s facing my head and my head is warm but my legs are freezing. I’m sitting with a blanket in front of the computer.

On a side note: I know that you folks were waiting for pictures of one of my pets but I decided to save it for another day.

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  1. Reply Tim says:

    Good to hear the tests are going well. It may be the same for others – I don’t always comment but I check out your daily posts, so just because there aren’t a lot of comments doesn’t mean no one’s viewing.

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