280 Days to go

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Here’s a tiny piece from my very first interview

But for the first-time developer, Shadow Of A Soul was still a daunting task to conceptualise, produce and oversee… “I still have absolutely no idea how long a project can take,” laughs Ferzan, “but I do know that most of the time I have to double my initial estimate to leave myself enough space to breathe and not have to rush things. Initially, Shadow Of A Soul: Chapter 1 was going to be a $9.99 game called Shadow Of A Soul: Prelude but after a few months of development, and because I’d created so much material, I decided I might as well make the game longer. So I merged Prelude with Chapter 1 to create one long standalone story.”

You can check the rest of it here

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    That’s a nice bit of info, actually it made me even more satisfied about my investment. I’ll go about linking it here and there.

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