278 Days to go

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Today was exhausting. Sleeping 5 hours and driving non-stop for 8 took it’s toll. I also received a speeding ticket for the first time in my life ($100 gone). Having a screaming cat on the backseat also makes driving a little bit more stressful. Anyways, I got home safe so it’s all good.

I came to Istanbul to take care of my mom for a couple of days. She hurt her back, nothing serious, but I’ll sleep better if I’m around her.

While I’m here I don’t have access to my file servers, render machines, or workstation so I won’t be doing hardcore 3d stuff. I’m planning on doing more programming and writing while I’m here, that’s why I brought a bunch of books with me.

Heard nothing from the folks at Rock Paper Shotgun, that’s probably because it’s too early. Having checked that site again, if I don’t make it to the news page, then it’s probably going to be my fault ‘cause there‘s a lot of indie news there.

On an über crazy note, YogTrailers posted the trailer a couple of days ago. It’s great, I really loved it, you guys should check it out. What’s really fantastic though, 101k people watched it! As far as I can tell the response is very positive. I didn’t really sum it up but the trailer is featured on half a dozen or more separate channels on Youtube. The total number of views is around 140k which is great. Of course it’s microscopic compared to other videos on Youtube but it’s still great for me. I could probably reach that view count in 3 days by posting one of the videos of my pets (yes, they are that cute!) but that would be an apples and oranges thing.

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  1. Reply Tim says:

    Alright. Now those viewers just need to throw in preorders. You’ll probably see more as the release date approaches.
    Good luck on a programming. From experience I know it’s the biggest pain but also gives the greatest sense of achievement when you finish a major block of code.

    Best wishes to your mom, I would do the same thing.

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