272 Days to go

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Here’s part two, at least some of it. Please click here if you haven’t read yesterday’s post.

I wrote about 500 words on simplified interaction but 10 minutes ago I decided it needed further editing. So here’s the gist of those 500 words.

The thing that I’m having trouble with these days is choosing which interactions in the game world to simplify. It’s troubling me because any decision I make becomes a part of the game’s design. The game takes place in an office complex for the most part. That means cubicles, meeting rooms, computers, dark corridors etc. The graphics are pretty photorealistic so I don’t want any stylistic decision or simplified interaction to pop out and ruin that reality feeling. I want my decisions to augment that reality feeling but at a certain point cost-benefit ratio rises. It’s kind of hard to strike a balance when your game is constantly evolving.

I should stop writing this stuff before going to bed.

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