240 Days to go

Categories:Shadow of a Soul:Chapter I

Some updates about the site:

CSS minification, it appears, caused some errors. It’s fixed now.

CDN is working again. It’s been offline for some time now due to some problems and me not having any time. I re-activated it yesterday. Everything is peachy now.

On the game front things are going nicely but I’m starting to feel more and more tired everyday. I think I need to take a break for a day or two. I have no idea how to take a break since I practically live in front of the computer but I’ll try to figure something out.

I got myself some social media marketing books today. Who knows, one day, through the use of very complicated and mystical marketing techniques, I may bump my visitor count up to 21 (twenty one)!

Totally unrelated stuff:

5 days of warm weather and what do you know, spiders decided to take leisurely strolls around the house. I love animals but I just hate spiders. I’ve got a no-questions-asked-kill-policy for them. If I see one, I stop whatever I’m doing at that moment and go kill it. So my message to all social-media-friendly spiders out there is, get the fuck out of my house!

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  1. ReplyTim says:

    If you want to take a break I’d recommend just going for a walk somewhere. Even just 20-30 minutes. It’s good to just get out and see things that aren’t in your work area. It’ll get the blood flowing and the body moving so it may help you feel less tired.

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